21 Things you can do for Romania and Rosia Montana

Nu stiu sa fac rebloging. E prima data. Dar pentru mine si pentru cititori si pt sufletele noastre, o incerc si pe-asta. Poate invat ceva din asta. Poate Rosia Montana va scapa. Poate atunci va licari si la mine o scanteie de satisfactie: „Am contribuit si eu cu ceva la asta”.

Be the Change

A letter to all the people of Romania – at home and abroad. To journalists, lawyers, judges, police officers, students, artists, civil society, civil servants, unions, workers, grandparents, children, teachers. To all Romanians who dream of a better future and those who are getting involved to build it. To those who’ve given up hope and those who are discovering it. To anyone who’s ever wanted, ever dreamed, of something better for yourself, for your family, for your country. To every Romanian, every human being, who wants dignity, life, joy, creativity, opportunity…and a better tomorrow.

21 Things you can do for Romania and Rosia Montana

Saturday September 1st saw one of the most dynamic, creative and encouraging celebrations of Romania and Romanian citizens’ engagement for our country. In cities, towns and villages across Romania people came out to stand up for ourselves and the country – to say no to…

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